The following are ULK partners :

  1. NBI : Nile Basin Initiative
  2. NUFFIC: department of Education in Foreign Affairs in the Kingdom of Netherlands
  3. NICHE: Netherlands Initiative for Capacity development in Higher Education
  4. BiServ Inc: Business Intelligent Services
  5. RIGL: Reseaux Interuniversitaire de Grand Lacs
  6. HRDI: Human Right Development Initiative
  7. IUCEAC: InterUniversity Council for East African Community
  8. Kigali City Council
  9. KCB: Kenya Commercial Bank
  10. Universities:
    - Makerere University (UGANDA)
    - American University of Cairo (Egypt)
    - Kyambogo University (UGANDA)
    - Pretoria University (South Africa)
    - KwaZulu Natal (South Africa)
    - Rwandan Private High Learning Institutions
    - Rwandan Public High Learning Institutions