International Students

Home away from home

At Kigali Independent University ULK, we believe in the mantra that students matter most regardless where they are from. International students should find ULK their loving and caring home. Still on this, international students are always guided and helped to discover more about the university. In so doing, they are provided with numerous services such as enabling them to get accommodations, guiding them in the introduction week to learn more about the university, advocacy for getting visas to mention but a few.


As for accommodation, ULK Gisenyi Campus has some hostels for international and local students wishing to stay on the campus during their studies.  Affordable fees are charged on a monthly basis and the management of the hostels provides students with water, electricity, wireless internet, meals, mention it. This makes the services offered by this section unparalleled.

As far as Kigali Campus is concerned, hostels are yet to be availed. However, the university has a team that helps international students to find affordable accommodations around the campus. Our team is experienced in locating nearby houses which international students may hire affordably. In other words, no international student can worry much about the accommodation since the university has a team that connects them to good landlords from around the campus.

Introduction Week

Besides, introduction week is one of the most interesting experiences international students alongside their local counterparts enjoy when they arrive at Kigali Independent University for their first time. It is a week in which most of their questions are answered. As a matter of illustration, during this week, students are made to tour the university premises so as to learn more about the departments running within the university. But most importantly, new students and ongoing students get to know one another in what is culturally known as “ Intore mu zindi”, loosely translated as “ A student among others”, just to show that despite being new, they are entitled to enjoy the same rights and privileges their elder brothers and sisters enjoy.


Furthermore, advocacy is made to help international students to get their visas which enable them to study freely with nothing disturbing them. The university does all it can to comply with what the law stipulates by making sure that all international students studying at Kigali Independent University ULK get their visas timely. As a law-abiding institution, ULK finds it worthwhile to have students whose stay in Rwanda is legally recognized.

We would therefore like to welcome you, international students, with both hands by promising you a safer stay at Kigali Independent University ULK while assuring you that you will never regret the best choice you have made to join Kigali Independent University ULK for your studies. We will always strive for your academic excellence and well-being.