School of Social Sciences


Welcome to the School of Social Sciences.

The creation of this School was due to a number of reasons; namely:

• The demand from a very elevated number of prospective students;
• The existence of qualified lecturers in this School fields of science, in Rwanda;
• The willingness to provide the country with executives well trained in social sciences fields

The School Academic Programmes aim at providing students with education and training respectively in Sociology, Population Studies (Demography) and Administrative Sciences.

These programmes target the local realities as far as possible. They include theoretical teachings, practical works as well as internships which provide students with both sound theory and practice related to their fields of interest:
• To master the concepts, the fundamental principles and the methods specific to one of the three fields taught; namely: Sociology, Administrative Sciences and Demography;
• To conduct critical analysis on various research problems and to research on operational solutions about them;
• To be able to work in public as well as in private organizations;


N.B: All courses are taught in English