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Since its creation, ULK  Polytechnic has made research in different ways like:

Memoirs (Bachelor’s Degree Dissertations) have been made in various domains such as:

  1. Economics (important topics dealt with poverty, cooperative, agriculture, Exportation, etc).
  2. Business Studies such as Management, Marketing, Finance, Human resources, Accounting, Auditing , etc.
  3. Law (Public Law, Private Law, oriented topics such as: Gacaca, Fiscal Law, etc.)
  4. Sociology (Education, Gender, Culture, HIV/AIDS, etc.)
  5. Administrative Sciences (public, local, NGOs management, etc.)
  6. Demography (Reproductive health, family planning, etc.)
  7. Rural development (agriculture development, population settlement, etc.)

Each student ending his/her studies at ULK presents a monograph to be evaluated by a jury of at least three lecturers. Up to now, 17 020 Bachelor’s Degree Dissertations have been presented and defended.

ULK Scientific Review : scientific articles published by lecturers appeared for the first time in the Scientific Review number 1 in December 2001. Some important themes dealt with were:

• Estimation of demand functions of Rwandan currency.

• Globalization and Development

• Bad check

• Culture and Environment

• English lecturing in Rwandan Universities

From that number in 2001 to now, ULK Scientific Review has been published thirty five times (releases). The important topics discussed were:

  1. Immunity as factor limiting the efficiency of the International criminal court.
  2. The Kigali Memorial Center: a unique symbol in Rwanda community.
  3. Effectiveness of outsourcing as strategy that may reduce operating costs, enhance competitiveness and increase shareholder value in information technology field.
  4. Decentralization and community development process in Rwanda.
  5. A critical analysis of the Scope and Natural of the concept of Human Rights
  6. The response of Rwandan import to exchange rate movements: a co integration analysis.
  7. The protection of the environment in the time of armed conflicts, under international law, a case study of Rwanda.
  8. Monetary Policy Strategy in Rwanda
  9. The effect of women’s education on fertility in Rwanda .
  10. The practiced tourism in protected areas of Rwanda
  11. Source of sexual Education available to youth in Rwandan rural areas.
  12. Short-Run Dynamics of Inflation: do Monetary and Exchange Rates Policies Matter?
  13. A brief comparative study of human rights’ provisions in the South African and the Rwandan constitution.
  14. Etc.

Since ULK was founded. Lecturers do publish in the university Scientific review. A permanent lecturer has to publish at least one article per year. publication is three to four numbers of our Scientific Review.