Eng. MUSABYIMANA Jean Pierre

Principal - ULK Polytechnics Institute

Dear reader,

What was formerly considered as a myth, has now become a reality at Kigali Independent University as prospective students no longer need to cross borders to get quality education. Indeed, ULK has launched its’ Polytechnics Institute. The pioneers of the programme have the privilege of being the first users of a new beautiful labs, equipped with a digital library using 500 brand new PCs to name just a few. If you are one of them, please grasp that opportunity and no one could pluck it from you. If you are not one of them, but dreaming of getting a quality education in a friendly environment, I strongly believe that in this region ULK is the right place to go and you deserve the best.

You may feel a deep inspiration or aspiration to publish your research article on any scientific domain, ULK is committed to publish your research findings in its peer reviewed scientific journal free of charge. You only need to comply with the rules and regulations. Conduct research to keep your mind fresh.

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