Academic Senate



The Academic Senate is composed by the following members:
The The Vice-Chancellor of the University who acts as the Chairperson;
The Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academics who acts as Vice-chairperson and reporter;
Other Deputy Vice-Chancellors of the University;
The Directors;
The Heads of departments;
The President of students Guild;
The Commissioner to academic affairs of the General Association of Kigali Independent University students;
A student at postgraduate level elected by his colleagues.

Attributions/ Responsibilities

The Academic Senate has the following attributions:
To set up strategies, programs as well as academic and research schedules which are to be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval before implementation;
To prepare and avail the academic regulations to be approved by the Board of Directors as regards admission requirements, teaching conditions, good conduct, sitting for examinations, degrees and certificates issued by the institution, etc.
To appreciate any decision related to exams or other forms of assessment before submitting them for approval to the Board of Directors;
To conduct and supervise teaching-related activities, research and education within schools and departments;
To suggest and submit to the Board of Directors any proposition on creating, reducing, changing, suppressing or merging schools and departments;
To prepare and submit suggestions related to Lecturers recruitment and promotion to the Board of Directors;
To elaborate and submit to the Board of Directors the Annual Report of academic, research and teaching activities undertaken within the institution;
To perform and execute any activity required by the Board of Directors;

Ordinary Academic Senate meetings are convened by the Chairperson once in a month. Extraordinary Academic Senate meetings are convened by the Chairperson when requested by one-third (1/3) of its members and whenever it is deemed necessary.
In the absence of the chairperson, his/her deputy can convene ordinary or extraordinary Academic Senate meetings.

The Academic Senate’s decisions are taken through consensus. However, they may be taken through the absolute majority by polling the members present in the meeting. In case of equality, the Chairman’s decision is preponderant.