For the Academic year 2014-2015, ULK had nine thousand three hundred eighty students (9,380) for Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree, split as follows:

5,984 undergraduate students from Kigali campus day and evening, 2,235 students are from Gisenyi campus day and evening programmes as well as 953 from Master’s programmes for evening and weekend all intakes combined both Kigali and Gisenyi campuses.

For the three programmes: undergraduate, Polytechnic and Masters, the gender of students is as follows:

Undergraduate students amount to 8,219 split as follows:

3,427 male students (representing 41,7 %) and

4,792 female students (representing 58,3 %)

Polytechnic Institute students amount to 208 split as follows:

191 male students (representing 91,8 %)

17 female students (representing 8,2 %)

Post Graduate students amount to 953 spit as follows:

665 male students (representing 69,8 %) and

288 female students (representing 30,2 %)

The general ULK academic regulations are described in the following document:

General ULK Academic Regulations