Acting Dean of the School of Law

On behalf of the School of Law of the Kigali Independent University, let me convey hereby to you, our sincere greetings and a warm welcome.

From 1959, Rwanda has been characterized by flagrant, horrible and massive acts of human rights violation, culture of violence and impunity, which are among the causes of massacres which culminated to the 1994 genocide.

The establishment of a State of law and national reconciliation require total eradication of impunity and the putting in place of a rigorous justice in all the country’s sectors and districts. In this context, ULK took the decision to open the school of law from its very inception, that is, in the academic year 1997-1998. ULK assigns itself the objective of training lawyers ,provided also with a moral as well as a socio-political educational components. We mean, well educated ladies and gentlemen, who are endowed with scientific and moral values, patriot, honest and actors of a true reconciliation of the Rwandan people.

As a fruit of cooperation between the two universities, and in order to facilitate the equivalence of degrees, the academic programme of the school matches with that of the National University of Rwanda. However, we lay particular emphasis upon moral and socio-political education through our module of Ethics, Rwandan Culture and Civic Education and through conferences and seminars in line with this.

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