Director of Academics / Gisenyi Campus

The young Campus of Gisenyi opened its doors in October 2001 with an enrolment figure of 554 students. The Gisenyi Campus has already produced many undergraduates. First degrees of the bachelor’s level were awarded in February 2006.

As far as infrastructure is concerned, there has been a very rapid progress in building lectures halls, in acquiring various equipment, furniture and computer material. A three two levels building is in construction, for more lectures theatres, computer laboratories as well as offices.

Finally, cooperation with other universities within and outside the country doesn’t only give room to teachers swapping; but chiefly, gives space to the training of assistant-lecturers for master’s and PhD degrees.

The ULK / Gisenyi Campus Academic Director’s duties are as follows:

• Analysing Prospective students files, for registration and coordinating the process of selecting new candidates;

• Coordinating the admission and the registration of new as well as promoted students;

• Updating the data of registered students;

• Assuming the coordination of examinations and invigilation;

• Processing files related to issuing academic documents;

• Caring for the rational management of the material and human resources put at the disposal of the directorate;

• Checking on files of the finalist students in the process of submitting their dissertation before their public presentation;

• Fulfilling any other task requested by his (her) hierarchical authority;


Academic Director of ULK, Gisenyi Campus

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