KARAMA Jean baptiste

Head of Department of Computer Science / Kigali Campus

The Department of Computer Science is the unique department into the School of Science and Technology (ST) at ULK, which is comprised of several Engineering and Sciences Departments. Programs were selected based on what was thought to be a dire local need as well as being relevant to the demand of the Regional job market. The programs are designed to provide Hands-on skills training, and they focus on the technology of design, construction, implementation, and maintenance of the hardware and the software components of modern systems and computer-controlled equipment. The programs provide practical and theoretical principles to design and adequately maintain systems as well as using computerized equipment and instruments to solve technical problems in diverse application domains.

Programme Duration

Most of the programs are a 3 year Degree (A0), (equivalent to the Bachelors degree with Honours), designed in conformity with the Rwanda National Qualification Framework (RNQF) for Higher Institutions of Learning.

Admission requirements

For the students interested in joining the department, the admission require 2 passes in Principle Subject, including Mathematics, and there is no age or gender restrictions.

The department has excellent infrastructure, and the School is recruiting highly qualified and experienced staff, and will from time to time involve business and industry professionals to provide the students with the real-time industry experience.

Adequate materials put at the disposal of students

Computer Labs, Libraries are the disposal of students the whole days including weekends in order to help them master the skills they have gained from class hours:

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