RUHARA Charles

Dean of the School of Economics and Business Studies

Our concern is to provide the country with competent intellectual citizens, having high scientific knowledge and endowed with ethical and moral values at the same time.

We provide teachings in two departments: the Department of Management and the Department of Rural Development. Theoretical courses coupled with practical works, provide to our graduate in Management with effective skills which enable them to become either researchers or effective and efficient active actors in the private and public sectors of the country.

The Rural Development Department graduate are provided with sufficient courses and practical works so that they might contribute to the development of the Rwandan rural area, which makes the major group of the active population of Rwanda.

It is worth noting that programmes we provide into the school have been adopted by the Academic Senate on the basis of a final document produced at the end of a seminar which brought together many specialists of the region in various fields: Economics, Agriculture, Sociology and others.

Heads of Departments

- Department of Rural Development-Gisenyi Campus

- Department of Accounting & Finance – Gisenyi Campus

RUHARA Charles
Dean of the School

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