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Welcome to the ULK Career Advisory Centre – CAC

1. Establishment of Career Advisory Center in High Education Institutions

The establishment of a Career Advisory Centre – CAC in High Education Institutions (HEI) is compulsory and follows the decision by the Governement’s Leadership Retreat in February 2009.

A national orientation workshop programme was organized on February 6th March, 2009.

Partners Institutions in CAC are: MINEDUC, MIFOTRA, MIJESPOC, RDB, PSF, etc.

In HEI, CAC is being operated in SFB (School of Finance and Banking), NUR (National University of Rwanda) and at KIST ( Kigali Institute of science and Technology).

2. Objectives of CAC in HEI

CAC will provide skills in the following fields, to complete the knowledge:

* Computer Skills

* English Skills

* Practical Skills (writing letter, CV, doing interviews, etc.)
CAC will link jobless graduates and students with employers (public, private and civil society) and to help them get jobs.

CAC will help jobless graduates to create their own jobs ( entrepreneurship)

CAC will do the graduate database and will mobilize the alumni of the HEI

CAC will organize:

* Career days

* Career Internships

* Career seminars and workshops

3. Nomination of CAC Director and Counselor Director of CAC: Lecturer RUKUNDO Friend Counselors/Advisors: Deans of Schools Director of Students Affairs

In 2011, ULK organized its Career Fair. Various businesses

met with students for career opportunities and pieces of advice were given to them.

The Launch of the Fair was presided over by Honorable Murekezi Anastase,

The Minister for Public Services and Labour, The Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa and other dignitaries were present.

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