1. Help and support

The IT directorate provides extensive support for IT issues to all members of the ULK community. It provides help with software, hardware and network questions. It also provides several help channels to assist users inusing our computers and network services.

2. Training services

Kigali Independent University through its department of Computer Science has developed a Basic IT skills course with the aim of helping its students, staff and Rwandans to use ICT in their day to day activities.

3. Teaching and learning services

All general-use classrooms at the ULK are equipped with basic visual equipment consisting of an overhead projector, projection screen, etc to meet instructional and presentation needs.

Portable audio equipment are provided when no installed equipment is available. Assistance and maintenance services are provided by Trained support staff with expertise in audio and visual equipment.

Almost all classrooms have internet connection and computer laboratories, with internet connection and programs in need, are available whenever needed.

4. Email services

The IT directorate offers each current student, staff, alumni with a dedicated ULK email account for communication with other ULK members.

- Google Apps

- Web-mail : for ULK staff only

5. Application services

The IT directorate manages and supports applications to meet the university specifications. Applications are managed centrally and can be deployed across the University.

6. Network services (Wired and wireless)

The access to the ULK campus network (Ethernet) is widely available across the campus.
The wireless network is available in computer laboratories, staff offices, libraries and in communal areas.

ULK network is reliable and secure with high-speed network access. Guidelines and procedures on using the LAN service: Click here

7. Maintenance of computers and other electronic devices

IT directorate deals with the maintenance of faulty devices such as personal computers, monitors, UPs, Printers and other accessories.

8. IT procurement

The IT directorate owns servers, personal computers and network equipment and other facilities equipment to support wide range of IT services to the University. We maintain records to trace out the location of the equipment.

The IT directorate is responsible for the acquisition and asset management of computer hardware, software and related equipment; it coordinates various volume purchases for the university to acquire PC hardware, software, laser printer toner cartridges and other IT devices.

For any question or suggestion, contact us.