• Testimonial
    MUKAZI NDEKEZI Peace, Graduated in International Relations

    Studying at ULK has inspired my ambitions, it gave me a vision of what i want to become in the future. Studying in ULK gave me so many opportunities to achieve my targeted goals as a student, such as improving my skills and knowledge, competing at national and regional level and performing well in my studies. As a student, I always had facilities in studying, we had good computer labs to do our research, many different rooms to study and a good library to improve our knowledge.

  • Testimonial
    MUKESHA Sandra, , Graduated in 2015 in the School of Law

    ULK is unique in various ways. What I may say is that apart from knowledge drawn from class, the university hires the best lecturers who are appreciated by many.  Moreover, the university has the spirit of encouraging its students by showing them that the future is promising.

  • Testimonial
    NYIRAMUHIRE Dancilla, Student at ULK

    Technical departments have been launched and now female students are proud to join which is different from former misconceptions whereby society used to think that technical schools were not meant for ladies. At ULK, female students aspire to become construction engineers, electricians, and the like. Therefore, what I may say, we need to be endowed with a daring spirit and use our competence and skills. It’s an opportunity for us to be in an institution whose management is pro-gender balance.

  • Testimonial
    NDAGIJIMANA Antoine, Student at ULK

    Apart from these world class buildings, beautiful gardens and nice weather; there are competent lecturers who teach wholeheartedly. More importantly, they train students to become God-fearing in such way that lecturers sometimes lead students in prayers before taking exams.