Campus News


On Monday, May 1, 2023, at Kigali Independent University ULK, The Association for African Values and Development, Pan-African Movement Rwanda, launched an institution that will impart knowledge of African Studies, African development (Pan-Africanism on lead), and more. The very starting-up gathering was convened to review and approve courses that will be delivered including but not limited to  Governance, Political Sciences, International Relations and Cooperation, Conflicts Resolution and African Development at large. The latter were chosen based on bottlenecks that Africa encounters, what it has gone through and what is needed to overcome them.

These courses were prepared by expert lecturers. The Chairman of the Pan African Movement Rwanda, Musoni Protais, said that the reason behind this initiative is for Africa to have the right channel via which Africans can discuss their problems and find solutions. He mentioned that Africa relies on its people, but counts more on its youth to whom all efforts should be driven. He insisted on that young Africans are the engine of change that should make Africa proud, better, self-reliant and above all, they should make it the most powerful content worldwide.

The pilot program will give chance to youth studying in Rwandan Higher Learning Institutions whereby the consideration is given to 3 students from each. The more priority will be given to leaders in Students Union and Pan African Movement Activists. Mr Musoni said that the expected result is a revolution upon detecting that what Africa is going through, facing or doing is not right for Africans and then the activist strives to change the system.

Furthermore, other experts ensured that the courses targeted will, with no doubt, contribute plentifully to ground Pan African ideology. This goes with the fact that African leadership is carried on by a trained African who thinks for and loves Africa.

The leadership of Pan African Movement Rwanda promises that all Africans will gain from this Rwandan initiative after successfully installing it.

In closing remarks, warming thanks were addressed to ULK in general and particularly to the Founder and President of this Institution for their diversified support during the whole process of this event.