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Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) Launched at Kigali Independent University

Kigali Independent University (ULK) witnessed the official launch of its Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) on Wednesday, 19 June 2024. The event brought together students, faculty members, and industry representatives to celebrate the establishment of this exciting initiative that aims to empower students through technology.

Following, a brief word of prayer by Prof. Dr. Martins Deputy, Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academics, Dr. Musabe Jean Bosco, Dean of School of Science and Technology extended a warm welcome to the ULK community and external guests.

DVC of Academics Prof. Dr. Martins giving the opening prayer

Prof. Dr. Martins shed light on the significance of the GDSC program and its potential to foster a vibrant tech community within ULK. “Technology is the way of tomorrow and many years to come, so learn and build enough expertise to become invaluable to your communities and the world at large” he emphasized.

Abiaza Stephen, representative of the School of Science and Technology (SST) students took the stage to express his enthusiasm for the club’s launch, highlighting the opportunities it presents for student growth. “The field of Science and Technology is a field that will never expire. Be patient and celebrate every small win and have a long term vision for your career” he shared with passion and enthusiasm.

ABIAZA Steven students representative of the school of Science and Technology giving his speech

Next, Mohamed Hassan and Oplano James S.T students made a comprehensive presentation about the GDSC itself. This presentation detailed the club’s goals, which encompass developing valuable technical skills, building a collaborative tech environment, fostering connections with Google, and encouraging students to tackle real-world challenges through innovative solutions.

Mohamed Hassan and Oplano James giving their presentations

The launch ceremony wasn’t just about celebrating the GDSC’s arrival, it also spotlighted the potential for collaboration with local industry leaders. Representatives from STES Group and NATCOM took the stage, showcasing how their services can directly benefit GDSC members.

STES Group, a pioneer in Rwanda’s smart agriculture movement, utilizes a blend of advanced technologies like precision equipment, IoT sensors, and big data to revolutionize agricultural practices. This partnership opens doors for GDSC members to learn from and potentially contribute to cutting-edge solutions in the agricultural sector.

N@tcom Services Ltd, an IT-Training and Consultancy firm, brings their expertise in capacity building and skills development to the table. Their comprehensive IT professional training and certifications, coupled with customized learning pathways and career guidance, offer invaluable resources for GDSC members seeking to refine their tech skills and navigate the IT industry. This collaboration ensures GDSC members have access to industry leading training and guidance, empowering them to succeed in their tech careers.

NATCOM and STES group representative respectively

Following the presentations, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Consultancy Prof. Dr.  Okello Candiya Bongomin addressed the audience, emphasizing the importance of the GDSC program in nurturing a generation of tech-savvy graduates. He encouraged the students to be ambitious and aim high in life. He also ensured his availability to every student whenever they need assistance as they are his top priority. “Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us or fear titles like professor or doctor we are here for you” emphasized Prof. Okello.

Prof. Dr. Okello delivering his inspiring speech to the audience

Finally, the esteemed Guest of Honor, ULK Vice Chancellor Dr. Sikubwabo Cyprien, delivered a speech, officially marking the launch of the GDSC at ULK. He welcomed all first year students and urged the audience to take this initiative as a great learning opportunity as well as a motivation for them to work hard and bring pride to their communities as the leaders of tomorrow. “The wealthiest people in the world like Bill Gates and Elon Musk have their businesses based on technology” he said “that’s why I encourage you to learn the right and ethical usage of these technologies for the betterment of our societies”. To provide further support to this initiative, VC Dr. Cyprien requested the provision of an entire lab focused only on that purpose.

The launch of the Google Developer Student Club at ULK signifies a significant step forward in empowering students to explore the exciting world of technology. With its focus on workshops, guest speakers, hackathons, and community outreach, the GDSC promises to be a valuable platform for students to learn, collaborate, and innovate.

Mr. Rutarindwa Jean Pierre, Head of Department of Computer Science moderating the event
School of Science and technology students
ULK Vice Chancellor Dr. Sikubwabo Cyprien delivering his speech marking the official launch of the Google Developer Student Club