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A team of students from Hochschule Kempten University of Applied Science-Germany along with ULK students learned, shared ideas, and best practices towards productive entrepreneurship aimed at equipping them with vital entrepreneurial and leadership skills during the International Entrepreneurship Summer School Program.

The program was organized as a collaboration between Kigali Independent University-ULK and Kempten University with support from Ministry of Commerce (MINICOM), Rwanda Institute of Cooperatives, Entrepreneurship and Microfinance (RICEM) and German Sparkassenstiftung Eastern Africa (DSIK).

“Meeting fellow students from Rwanda and Africa helped me think outside the box in terms of job creation through idea, knowledge and experience sharing.” said Philine Urfer, a student at Kempten University.

Nzeyimana Parfait, a graduate from Kigali Independent University, said “through this  innovative International Entrepreneurship Summer School, I have gained additional insights and expanded my knowledge on sustainable job creation and leadership skills. I am currently self-employed and have created jobs for my fellow classmates at my company.”

Both Ruth Madl, the country Director of DSIK, and Jean Claude Uwitonze, Program Manager at RICEM, highlighted that this program intends to equip vital entrepreneurial and leadership skills to university students to encourage them to become job creators not seekers.


The International Entrepreneurship Summer School Program will be run from 6th-12th May 2024 focusing on;

     Microbusiness simulation training game

     Practical Entrepreneurship Case Study assignments

     Business development and growth

     Company Visit

     Psychometric test and ring toss game

     ESS Alumni Business Expo

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