Campus News


On Monday, June 3rd, 2024, the Rwanda National Electoral Commission (NEC) Western province office and ULK organized an event aimed to encourage and raise awareness to students and faculty members of the Kigali independent university ULK-Gisenyi campus regarding the upcoming joint elections slated from July 14th to July 16th, 2024.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academics (DVCA), Lecturer Frank Hagumimana, kicked off the event by extending a warm welcome to all participants and introducing the esteemed guests, the NEC commissioners.

He thanked and acknowledged the NEC delegation for their visit to inform and educate the ULK-Gisenyi Campus community about the upcoming elections.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, Lecturer Frank HAGUMIMANA

In his address, Mr. Hitayezu Gervais, a NEC commissioner, shared more on the nature of the combined election process, delving into the fundamental aspects of why it is being conducted, where it will take place, what it entails, how it will be executed, and who will be involved.

He emphasized the significance of this electoral event, noting that it signifies a historic moment where both presidential and parliamentary elections will be seamlessly intertwined, shaping the trajectory of leadership at the highest levels of governance.

Mr. HITAYEZU Gervais, a NEC Commissioner

He concluded by sharing a roadmap of the election:  ‘On July 14th, Rwandans living abroad will cast their votes in the election, while on the 15th, voting will take place within Rwanda. Then, on the 16th, specific segments of society, including people with disabilities, women, and youth, will elect representatives to stand for their interests in the Rwandan parliament.’