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Kigali Independent University (ULK) and Derrick Samuels Leadership Institute (DSLI) Forge Partnership to Enhance Student Experience

The Derrick Samuels Leadership Institute (DSLI) and Kigali Independent University (ULK) have announced a new partnership designed to enrich the educational experience of ULK students and equip them with in-demand industry skills.

Located in New Jersey, USA, the Derrick Samuels Leadership Institute (DSLI) is a global consulting and training organization renowned for leadership development and professional growth. With a focus on empowering individuals with essential skills, DSLI is recognized for its innovative training programs and commitment to fostering leadership excellence. This collaboration brings industry-recognized certifications, workshops, and specialized training to our students to enhance their skills and prepares them for success.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ULK and DSLI lays the foundation for a robust collaboration, emphasizing mutual growth, and development.

Through this partnership, both institutions aim to enhance the educational landscape by integrating certified professional courses such as Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Associate in project Management (CAPM) and leadership development programs, into ULK’s academic curriculum, providing students with globally recognized credentials alongside their academic studies. Additionally, DSLI will offer specialized short courses tailored to address in-demand skill sets, preparing ULK students and the general public for the job market.

Moreover, joint workshops and training programs will foster knowledge exchange and practical skill development, enriching the educational experience for students and faculty alike. The MoU also underscores the importance of customized learning, ensuring that training programs align with ULK’s academic goals and cater to the diverse needs of its student body. Graduates will benefit from industry recognition, as the agreement prioritizes certificates recognized by international professional bodies, therefore enhancing their employability.

Furthermore, the partnership extends to collaborative research, consultancy, and needs assessment studies within the education field, reflecting a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. Lastly, both parties are dedicated to seeking partnerships that support the MoU’s goals, contributing to the advancement of public capacity development in Rwanda and beyond.

 This collaboration signifies a commitment by ULK and DSLI to equip students with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to thrive in an evolving job market. The combined expertise of both institutions promises to enhance the educational experience for ULK students and contribute to Rwanda’s development.

Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda, the Founder and President of ULK alongside Dr. Derrick Samuels, President and Principal consultant of DSLI displaying the signed MoU