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On 23rd February 2024, Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda the Founder and President ULK accompanied by the ULK Vice-President Mrs. Nyirashyirambere M. Louise, Becky Balinda the advisor, Prof. Dr. Nkundabatware Innocent the Vice Chancellor of ULK, Eng. Musabyimana Jean Pierre the Principal-ULK Polytechnic and other senior managers from both ULK and UPI held a conference at ULK’s Kigali Campus stadium under the theme ‘High Quality Teaching and Learning at ULK and ULK Polytechnic Institute’.  

ULK Founder & President Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda, Vice President Mrs. Nyirashyirambere M. Louise, Mrs. Rebecca Balinda Advisor to the Founder and President ULK, Prof. Dr. Nkundabatware Innocent-ULK VC, Prof. Dr. Martins Onyekwelu ULK DVCA, Principal ULK-Polytechnic Eng. Musabyimana and Mr.  Amani Manzi the PA to the President in a group photo

The conference attracted all ULK and ULK Polytechnic Institute students as well as staff who were eager to hear from a real educationist. In his opening remarks, ULK Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Nkundabatware Innocent, pictured the speaker by highlighting his academic journey since 1974.

Prof. Dr. Nkundabatware Innocent. ULK Vice Chancellor giving his opening remarks during the conference

The conference was firmly built on ULK particularities in terms of strategies and compliance of policies for quality and complete education.

To an awakened audience, the Founder and President of ULK started by emphasising the commitment of ULK to its students by highlighting various tools of quality. The main question before delving into the subject matter was on how to maintain high quality of teaching and learning process at ULK and ULK Polytechnic Institute. 

Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda, the Founder and President of ULK giving his remarks during the conference.

During this conference, he expanded his explanations by emphasising on the need for greater participation of all actors, from the top management, staff, students’ community and other stakeholders of ULK.

In search for quality education, the Founder and President of ULK has underscored the importance of complying with standards and norms set up by the Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Education, the Higher Education Council’s (HEC)documents as well as ULK’s Internal and Academic Regulations. The President has underlined the need to humble oneself and comply in order to fix and meet these long well defined and established standards and norms.

The pursuit of quality education at ULK remains a top priority. The President has stuck on this by indicating that since its creation in 1996; ULK has produced over forty thousand of excellent cadres who are performing excellently at national, regional and international levels. These being the fruits of sticking on the standards and norms of higher quality and complete education that combines science and conscience.

Regarding teaching and learning process, a student remains the centre while the teacher remains the coach. Teaching staff have been urged to take a learner through this process up to their success. Secrets of success, here, have been revealed by the President, who has reiterated that students should participate in all activities, do regular personal reading, work with others in groups, master English skills, have ICT skills plus ICDL certificate, and finally make the physical and electronic library their best friend to exploit more of creative and innovative knowledge. All these aspects, as the President stressed, make a quality student. The conference ended in a question-answer session to the satisfaction of the attendees.