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In a thrilling turn of events, ULK has secured a prestigious place among the top three universities during the much-anticipated Taxpayers’ Appreciation Month 2023 debate. This remarkable achievement has not only cemented the university’s reputation but also highlighted its commitment to providing an outstanding educational experience while giving back to the community.

The Taxpayers’ Appreciation Month debate is an annual event that celebrates the symbiotic relationship between universities and the taxpayers who support them. It recognizes the significant contributions made by higher education institutions to society, their accountability, and their role in shaping future leaders. It is a platform where universities from all over the nation showcase their dedication to academic excellence and community engagement

ULK has always been known for its commitment to quality education and its deep connection with the community. The 2023 debate, however, took ULK reputation to new heights.

The journey to the top three was not without its challenges. Several universities participated in the debate, each bringing their A-game to the discussion. But ULK’s dedicated team, comprised of talented faculty and motivated students, delivered compelling arguments and presentations that left the audience in awe.

One of the key aspects that set ULK apart was its innovative approach to community engagement. The university has long been involved in various outreach programs, collaborating with local businesses and organizations to create a positive impact on the community. This commitment to social responsibility resonated strongly with the audience during the debate.

Fifteen universities were invited to the competition, which took place on November 1st and 2nd, 2023. On November 1st, presentations were given on one topic chosen from nine provided by the Rwanda Revenue Authority. Only the top 6 out of 13 universities debated in the final on November 2nd, 2023. ULK secured a position among the top 3 universities that will participate in the taxpayers’ appreciation month at the country level, during the countrywide awarding ceremony.

ULK reputation for academic excellence also played a significant role in their success. Their faculty members, research and their ability to inspire students, presented a strong case for the institution’s role in shaping the future. The debate not only celebrated the university’s achievements but also allowed them to highlight their ongoing commitment to continuous improvement in education. It was a moment of pride for the students, faculty, staff, and alumni who have contributed to the university’s success over the years.