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Vice-Chairperson PAM-Rwanda gives a public Lecture to ULK staff and students on Pan African Movement-Rwanda.

On 1st March, 2024, ULK in collaboration with PAM-Rwanda, organized a public lecture on Pan African Movement Rwanda to students and members of staff of ULK focusing on sharing and explaining the brief history of the Pan African Movement, Africa’s path to development and the way forward on getting towards Africa we want with the main theme of the day as “Youth Towards Africa We Want”

The Vice Chancellor of ULK Prof. Dr. Nkundabatware Innocent introduced the public lecture and gave good and constructive remarks to all participants particularly for African youth to understand the main idea behind why Pan Africa Movement and the role of youth in giving their hand.  

ULK- Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Nkundabatware Innocent giving welcoming and opening remarks during the lecture.

In his opening remarks, the ULK Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr Nkundabatware Innocent, mesmerized the audience by underlining the role of the Youth in shaping the future of Africa as a continent. The Vice chancellor noted that youth, armed with knowledge, skills as well as human values acquired through institution like ULK are architects of a better Africa whereby each person would live a decorous life. 

The main speaker Mr. Twagirimana Epimaque the Vice Chairperson of PAM Rwanda, shed much light on trade of slaves, World War II and its consequences to Africans, Africa’s path to development and a ground set free to discuss on the way forwards towards the Africa we want.

Mr. Epimaque Twagirimana the Vice Chairperson of PAM-Rwanda speaking to participants

To a wakeful audience, the Vice chairperson of PAM-Rwanda started by delving the participants into the ideological background of the Pan African Movement, which is underpinned by the desire for cultural, political, and economic freedom for all black people across the world. In short, a unifying ideology. The speaker kept enlightening the audience by going through a series of events that sharply marked the world, such as, the trade of slaves, and the World wars-ostensibly caused by political rivalries between major powers, while the real motive was the search for raw materials to fuel industrial revolution. 

Promoting rich history and ideals of the continent remains a top priority. The Vice chairperson of PAM-Rwanda drew the audience into the historical background of PAM in Africa while tackling the African path to development.  The Vice Chairperson expanded by delving into the African Agenda 2063, which encourages solidarity, cooperation, and socio-economic emancipation. The Vice chairperson added that an integrated, prosperous, and peaceful Africa, driven by its citizens and representing a dynamic force in the global arena remains a priority. He noted that this will be achieved by nurturing a sense of pride and reinforced African solidarity.

The speaker concluded by asking an inspired open question that says” What would ULK, and its community do to adopt and develop Pan African spirit to have a developed continent”?

The Vice chairperson ended by requesting the attendees to adopt Pan Africanism as a collective ideology, remain guided by the Africa agenda 2063 as well as incorporating Pan African teachings in leadership development programs. The questions and answers marked the end of the lecture.

Inspirational quote: “Africa’s story has been written by others; we need to own our problems and solutions and write our story.” H.E Paul KAGAME #AfricaDay2018.