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After three years of silence due to the hit of Covid-19, EAUDC 2023 resumed this year and were hosted by Kigali Independent University ULK for three days; from Friday 1st to Sunday 03rd, September, 2023.

These are competitions organised by Aspire Rwanda in cooperation with MINIYOUTH, Ministry of Foreign Affairs to mention a few. Mr David Ntambiye, The Executive Director of Aspire Rwanda, took the present through the historical background of Aspire Rwanda and expressed his gratitude to the hosting university, ULK, and all partners.

Executive Director of Aspire Rwanda

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisci14 East African Universities were present; Kigali Independent University ULK,the host, University of Rwanda College of Science and Technology, UNLAK, African Leadership University, Strathmore University, University of Global Health Equity, University of Kigali, Kepler College, University of  Rwanda College of Business and Economics, Bishop Stuart University, United States International University Africa, Tumaini University of Dar-es-Salaam, Institute of Finance Management-TZ, INES-Ruhengeri and elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

The Vice- Chancellor of ULK urged participants to always find these competitions a great platform where they learn from one another and requested Aspire Rwanda, the Organizers, to extend time these tournaments take. He said, ‘ This is not only time to win the trophies but also the golden opportunity to share experiences, learn from one another and strengthen the spirit of oneness as East Africans. It is time to prepare yourselves for quickly get solutions of all problems that Africa and East Africa in particular may face. This is the reason why I opt for extending the period allocated to this gathering from three days to one or two weeks, why not.’ He really appreciated everyone’s efforts in smooth running of these tournaments and wished safe journey back home to all East African Students who had come from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan.

Prof. Dr. NKUNDABATWARE Innocent, Vice Chancellor of ULK adressing the audience

The grand final took place in the evening of Sunday 3rd September 2023 and the Champion of EAUDC 2023 was African Leadership University after ULK who last won the trophy of these competitions in 2020. They were not only awarded a trophy but also a full scholarship in the next year debating championships.

Vice Chancellor of ULK and Executive Director of Aspire Rwanda awarding the Champions of EAUDC 2023
The First Runners Up of EAUDC 2023

The aim was not limited to debating only. All participants visited Kigali genocide Memorial Site, at Gisozi. They witnessed that they had learnt a lot from 1994 Genocide perpetrated against Tutsi and decided to fight with all they have to never allow such holocaust to happen again anywhere in Africa.

All participants of EAUDC 2023 at Kigali Genocide Memorial Site
Participants Paying tribute

Event in Pictures

Executive Director of Aspire Rwanda with Vice Chancellor of ULK
ULK Team 1
ULK Team 2
ULK Team 3
Adjudicators with The Vice Chancellor of ULK And Executive Director of Aspire Rwanda