Campus News


It was again a colorful day on Tuesday as we held great discussion on the role of Basic Science for Sustainable Development focusing on the 17 SDGs during the international conference organized by UNESCO at Serena hotel in the cool City of Kigali that ended on Wednesday. I raised three key issues as basic for promoting young scientist in Africa, which included: 1. Opening up space for young scientist is Africa to give them opportunities to explore and showcase their innovative ideas and capabilities; 2. Revisiting the existing institutional framework to protect young scientist to give them patent rights over their products. I gave a noble example of Covidex product that treated Covid-19 symptoms in Uganda and Prof. Ogwang the brain behind it who had no protection because of the weak exiting laws; 3. Capacity building for young scientist to grow local capacities and capabilities to exploit the big existing opportunities in Africa. Lastly, I humbly requested UNESCO to revise the definition of young scientist based on the age factor.

I wish to thank the panelists who contributed greatly during the discussion and the promise to work with ULK, especially with our Polytechnic to turn some of our existing innovative ideas into visible reality. I want to also extend a word of Thank you to HEC Director General for being part of the organizing committee of this big conference and the promise to approve our new Ph.D programme in Finance. Finally, I want to pass my vote of Thanks to the President of ULK for promoting Basic Science and Innovation in Rwanda through ULK Polytechnic. We shall always work together as a Big Team to continue lifting the visibility of ULK.